Article Submission Proposals:

Do you have a strong stance on a pressing issue that you are itching to share with the world? If so, submit a proposal for an article to be published in Politi-size magazine or, better yet, a full article, to Article proposals should be a short paragraph explaining the issue and your stance on it.

Article Submission:

Most articles in the magazine are at least 300 words, but articles of any length will be considered. Although not frequently published, longer articles or essays (1,000 words or more) are very much in demand.  Please also provide a short biography of yourself. (2-3 sentences) All writers submitting an article will receive a reply by e-mail to clarify whether or not the post will be used in the next issue of Politi-size within 2 days.


If you wish to leave a comment on an article to be considered for publication in the next week’s edition of Politi-size, post a comment to an article. Alternatively, if you wish to provide a short biography, submit a comment through this form and indicate which article you are referring to. Links will be provided to the blogs of WordPress users whose comments are featured in each week’s magazine issue.

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